ONE: Call to Unity

FeaturedHalf-Million Mobilization

Last week I introduced the Vision Statement of the Church of the Nazarene, USA/Canada Region. We looked at the differences between Mission: Make Christlike Disciples in the Nations And VISION, or the way we live that out in our generation, in this day and age. There were 4 parts to the Vision for ministry here … Continue reading ONE: Call to Unity

Palm Sunday Stump and the Hope of Regrowth


They had waited. They had experienced other anointed ones. Told stories of those great figures of their past and the things they did to free and redeem the children of Israel, but somehow, they still ended back in exile, needing not just a savior, but the savior. Who did people put their hope in, looking for new life, but inevitably just left with a stump…the stump of Jesse? 

The Right Prophet at the Right Time


Now to start today’s post, we actually start 6 chapters into Isaiah. He has an amazing experience with God almighty, it changes his whole life and of course he lives to tell the tale. He became the Right Prophet at the right time. There are stunning similarities to Jesus, who not only was and is the King and Priest, but was the Perfect Prophet for all time. As we get further into this series, we will learn about the Righteous King, who rules with his sword of justice. We will see how God plans to direct his children back to him, but at the conclusion of today’s message it is my hope we will have some active understanding of what has been done for our salvation and what our response should be.

BackStory: The Unexpected Ending to Big Bad Ahab


BackStory: Recapping King Saul and MiriamWeak Ahab looking bad, gets invaded.Ahab is handed a planArameans receive Bad IntelAhab fails to seal the dealA Troublesome TreatyAhab gets down and humbledWhat about your story? BackStory: Recapping King Saul and Miriam Over the past couple of weeks, we introduced this theme of backstory. Bible characters who we-for the … Continue reading BackStory: The Unexpected Ending to Big Bad Ahab

Frail Ego

“But when they realized he was a Jew, they all shouted in unison for about two hours: “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!”Acts‬ ‭19:34‬ ‭NIV‬‬ Have you ever been to a sports game? Do you cheer for your team nonstop? I picture this when I read about people cheering on the greatness of Artemis. But … Continue reading Frail Ego

The Problem with Beacons

Genesis 11:1-11 (This message originally presented and recorded on Sunday, July 3rd 2022.) Independence day weekend! Traditionally, we’d hear a message on the topic of freedom, independence, or justice. We might recount the wars and the biblical tie-ins to their call to arms. We could talk about the Constitution and the bill of rights. Identifying … Continue reading The Problem with Beacons