#SoBlessed – Living Your Blessed Life, Now!

Luke 6:27-38 Blessing is a funny thing. Many folks in history, when they went to bestow a blessing on someone they would lay their open hand on them. We do this now with praying for others, when helping them pray. Ministers for a very long time have had a pattern in their worship’s Order of … Continue reading #SoBlessed – Living Your Blessed Life, Now!

#SoBlessed – Jesus At Arm’s Length


Today we are on week two of our series #SoBlessed. Last week we looked at the “Flip-side to blessing.” The very things we think seem to make us blessed, namely material possessions, actually hamper us from being truly blessed. We left off with this word - If Jesus says, “you’re blessed: take comfort. If he … Continue reading #SoBlessed – Jesus At Arm’s Length

Sanctifying Grace – Navigating the Gap


Let's recap previous areas we've talked about on the Journey of Grace. This Journey to becoming made a disciple. The first stop along the way has been The Compelling Invitation. Someone's story, their life is so compelling we can't help ourselves. We reflected on the links from John the Baptist all the way to the … Continue reading Sanctifying Grace – Navigating the Gap

Saving Grace – “Different Stories, Same Need.”


Thanks for joining us again at Viroqua Nazarene. We’re in this series called “Journey of Grace.” It’s all about discovering the Grace of God along your path to becoming more and more like his son, Jesus. And becoming more like Christ is the essential characteristic of a person called “Christian.” We talked two weeks ago … Continue reading Saving Grace – “Different Stories, Same Need.”

The Journey of Grace – The Compelling Invitation


I'm going to start this new sermon series by addressing some criticism. It’s not personal to me or to our church, but rather criticism some folks have about the Christian Faith and Christian churches. The top criticism not believers and non-church goers have about church is that it’s filled with hypocrites. We hear this frequently, … Continue reading The Journey of Grace – The Compelling Invitation