The Junction of God, Man, and Holiness

Be Holy? What does that really look like? How am I supposed to do that? Jesus said some things that were really hard to swallow. Literally he once told a crowd, “...unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.” (from John 6:53).  This … Continue reading The Junction of God, Man, and Holiness

Easter Text Message


An Easter Sermon from Viroqua Nazarene. Click Here for the podcast of this message. “He is Risen.” “New Phone. Who Dis?” It’s Easter Sunday. People rushing around, dressing up in colorful outfits, going to lunch with their extended families. One would hope they would find themselves in a church, at some point. But why? To … Continue reading Easter Text Message

A Poor Sermon About Poverty


Today’s message is entitled “A Poor Sermon on Poverty.” It's not poor because it’s bad or anything…(well perhaps you can judge for yourself when you are done reading or listening to it.) But rather I want to talk about the reality of poverty and what the bible does say about this topic. The first thing might surprise you. In a society so outwardly focused on political policies that  herald themselves as a fix for poverty, Jesus gives us these comforting words: You will always have the poor among you.

The Right Prophet at the Right Time


Now to start today’s post, we actually start 6 chapters into Isaiah. He has an amazing experience with God almighty, it changes his whole life and of course he lives to tell the tale. He became the Right Prophet at the right time. There are stunning similarities to Jesus, who not only was and is the King and Priest, but was the Perfect Prophet for all time. As we get further into this series, we will learn about the Righteous King, who rules with his sword of justice. We will see how God plans to direct his children back to him, but at the conclusion of today’s message it is my hope we will have some active understanding of what has been done for our salvation and what our response should be.

The Journey of Grace – The Compelling Invitation


I'm going to start this new sermon series by addressing some criticism. It’s not personal to me or to our church, but rather criticism some folks have about the Christian Faith and Christian churches. The top criticism not believers and non-church goers have about church is that it’s filled with hypocrites. We hear this frequently, … Continue reading The Journey of Grace – The Compelling Invitation

The Problem with Beacons

Genesis 11:1-11 (This message originally presented and recorded on Sunday, July 3rd 2022.) Independence day weekend! Traditionally, we’d hear a message on the topic of freedom, independence, or justice. We might recount the wars and the biblical tie-ins to their call to arms. We could talk about the Constitution and the bill of rights. Identifying … Continue reading The Problem with Beacons