The Junction of God, Man, and Holiness

Be Holy? What does that really look like? How am I supposed to do that? Jesus said some things that were really hard to swallow. Literally he once told a crowd, “...unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.” (from John 6:53).  This … Continue reading The Junction of God, Man, and Holiness

The Heart of the Matter


Idioms run rampant in America. I said idioms. Things like “You’ve got ants in your pants,” meaning you can’t sit still. Or “Getting your ducks in a row” meaning making proper plans. How about the “Elephant in the room?” Perhaps my use of idioms at the start of the message is the elephant in the … Continue reading The Heart of the Matter

ONE: From Mission to Vision

FeaturedHalf-Million Mobilization

Over a year ago, the USA/Canada Region of the Church of the Nazarene sought to understand God’s Vision for ministry in our present day and age. We know the mission: “Make Christlike Disciples in the Nations” but what is it specifically that God has called and equipped us for? (Original message written by Pastor Tim Fisher, Crossroads Community Church. Edited for local context and presented by Pastor Matt Angell of Viroqua Nazarene.)

Easter Text Message


An Easter Sermon from Viroqua Nazarene. Click Here for the podcast of this message. “He is Risen.” “New Phone. Who Dis?” It’s Easter Sunday. People rushing around, dressing up in colorful outfits, going to lunch with their extended families. One would hope they would find themselves in a church, at some point. But why? To … Continue reading Easter Text Message

Palm Sunday Stump and the Hope of Regrowth


They had waited. They had experienced other anointed ones. Told stories of those great figures of their past and the things they did to free and redeem the children of Israel, but somehow, they still ended back in exile, needing not just a savior, but the savior. Who did people put their hope in, looking for new life, but inevitably just left with a stump…the stump of Jesse? 

A Poor Sermon About Poverty


Today’s message is entitled “A Poor Sermon on Poverty.” It's not poor because it’s bad or anything…(well perhaps you can judge for yourself when you are done reading or listening to it.) But rather I want to talk about the reality of poverty and what the bible does say about this topic. The first thing might surprise you. In a society so outwardly focused on political policies that  herald themselves as a fix for poverty, Jesus gives us these comforting words: You will always have the poor among you.

Listening For Your Calling


I was at Northwestern Illinois weekend youth retreat - I was probably 9th or 10th grade Planned to go to a Christian college after highschool, but I wanted a clear direction as to what I would study before committing all that time and money. I prayed and prayed. Every chapel service I could, I would be down at the altar praying. There were times I wasn’t sure why I felt compelled to pray at the altar. Later I realized I was getting ready, getting quiet. Allowing myself to be available - listening to what God might say.

Noel – Christmas Service


Did you miss out on our Christmas Sunday Service? We've tried to recapture this service in blog form. to listen to the service in it's "entirity" CLICK HERE and listen on Spotify. Sing along, read along and reflect on "What God has Done!" Prelude: “ Come Thou Long-expected Jesus” Reading 158 “Our God Comes” “I … Continue reading Noel – Christmas Service