Easter Text Message


An Easter Sermon from Viroqua Nazarene. Click Here for the podcast of this message. “He is Risen.” “New Phone. Who Dis?” It’s Easter Sunday. People rushing around, dressing up in colorful outfits, going to lunch with their extended families. One would hope they would find themselves in a church, at some point. But why? To … Continue reading Easter Text Message

Noel – Christmas Service


Did you miss out on our Christmas Sunday Service? We've tried to recapture this service in blog form. to listen to the service in it's "entirity" CLICK HERE and listen on Spotify. Sing along, read along and reflect on "What God has Done!" Prelude: “ Come Thou Long-expected Jesus” Reading 158 “Our God Comes” “I … Continue reading Noel – Christmas Service

Noel – Light of the Word


Mankind regularly finds itself in dark places. We need to see what is right before us, gain an understanding of our surroundings, our current situation. We need guidance, the light at the end of the tunnel that beckons us to better things. We need to be cleansed and purified from sin and unholiness. Jesus doesn't just point these things out to us,

Noel – Happy Birthday Songs


Christmas 2022 Sermon Series Imagine for just a moment, it’s your special day. You’re having family and friends come over for dinner or perhaps joining them at a restaurant, and it’s all because you are celebrating your birthday. They are thankful for you, you are grateful to the Lord for another year to serve him … Continue reading Noel – Happy Birthday Songs

Overcoming Offense

"...there’s just something haunting about the past, isn’t there?   Even though it’s behind us and even though we can’t experience the past in the Present...It still lingers, follows us and affects us in certain ways." "The ghosts of the past want to linger, in this series we will look at what the bible says about HOW we can defeat and resolve these Ghosts in the present...So we can have a Christmas Future."