A look back at the early church & a look back on this past year of our church. In this post we are going to look at some passages in Acts that describe the early church.  As we walk through these passages and unravel the story, I want to place another story alongside it. That … Continue reading Seasons

ONE: Call to Unity

FeaturedHalf-Million Mobilization

Last week I introduced the Vision Statement of the Church of the Nazarene, USA/Canada Region. We looked at the differences between Mission: Make Christlike Disciples in the Nations And VISION, or the way we live that out in our generation, in this day and age. There were 4 parts to the Vision for ministry here … Continue reading ONE: Call to Unity

Tool Time (Isaiah 10)


The bible has many exciting things, fanciful things even. Hands appearing out of nowhere in the book of Daniel and writing words on a wall. Donkeys rebuking their owner for hitting them. People tossed into fire and not burning up. But today’s message is about tools that talk back. That’s right! Have you ever been working with a tool and it malfunctions? Hammer slips and smashes your thumb! What a mean hammer! Or the powered screwdriver strips a screw and now you have to leave the screw there or cut it off? I don’t know about you, but I do have a propensity for not talking so nice to my tools when they act up. Today we will be looking at a tools that God used in the bible. Also what happened when that tool talked back.

The Right Prophet at the Right Time


Now to start today’s post, we actually start 6 chapters into Isaiah. He has an amazing experience with God almighty, it changes his whole life and of course he lives to tell the tale. He became the Right Prophet at the right time. There are stunning similarities to Jesus, who not only was and is the King and Priest, but was the Perfect Prophet for all time. As we get further into this series, we will learn about the Righteous King, who rules with his sword of justice. We will see how God plans to direct his children back to him, but at the conclusion of today’s message it is my hope we will have some active understanding of what has been done for our salvation and what our response should be.

Listening For Your Calling


I was at Northwestern Illinois weekend youth retreat - I was probably 9th or 10th grade Planned to go to a Christian college after highschool, but I wanted a clear direction as to what I would study before committing all that time and money. I prayed and prayed. Every chapel service I could, I would be down at the altar praying. There were times I wasn’t sure why I felt compelled to pray at the altar. Later I realized I was getting ready, getting quiet. Allowing myself to be available - listening to what God might say.