Easter Text Message


An Easter Sermon from Viroqua Nazarene. Click Here for the podcast of this message. “He is Risen.” “New Phone. Who Dis?” It’s Easter Sunday. People rushing around, dressing up in colorful outfits, going to lunch with their extended families. One would hope they would find themselves in a church, at some point. But why? To … Continue reading Easter Text Message

Palm Sunday Stump and the Hope of Regrowth


They had waited. They had experienced other anointed ones. Told stories of those great figures of their past and the things they did to free and redeem the children of Israel, but somehow, they still ended back in exile, needing not just a savior, but the savior. Who did people put their hope in, looking for new life, but inevitably just left with a stump…the stump of Jesse? 

Tool Time (Isaiah 10)


The bible has many exciting things, fanciful things even. Hands appearing out of nowhere in the book of Daniel and writing words on a wall. Donkeys rebuking their owner for hitting them. People tossed into fire and not burning up. But today’s message is about tools that talk back. That’s right! Have you ever been working with a tool and it malfunctions? Hammer slips and smashes your thumb! What a mean hammer! Or the powered screwdriver strips a screw and now you have to leave the screw there or cut it off? I don’t know about you, but I do have a propensity for not talking so nice to my tools when they act up. Today we will be looking at a tools that God used in the bible. Also what happened when that tool talked back.

“Who is Jesus? Well, I’m not a Theologian…”

A Palm Sunday Message Today is the day in Christianity where we celebrate when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, people laid down their coats and palm branches, and shouts of praise echoed in the streets of the city where the Temple of God resided. In Christian tradition, the observance of this celebration, a … Continue reading “Who is Jesus? Well, I’m not a Theologian…”