The Right Prophet at the Right Time

Now to start today’s post, we actually start 6 chapters into Isaiah. He has an amazing experience with God almighty, it changes his whole life and of course he lives to tell the tale. He became the Right Prophet at the right time. There are stunning similarities to Jesus, who not only was and is the King and Priest, but was the Perfect Prophet for all time. As we get further into this series, we will learn about the Righteous King, who rules with his sword of justice. We will see how God plans to direct his children back to him, but at the conclusion of today’s message it is my hope we will have some active understanding of what has been done for our salvation and what our response should be.

Listening For Your Calling

I was at Northwestern Illinois weekend youth retreat - I was probably 9th or 10th grade Planned to go to a Christian college after highschool, but I wanted a clear direction as to what I would study before committing all that time and money. I prayed and prayed. Every chapel service I could, I would be down at the altar praying. There were times I wasn’t sure why I felt compelled to pray at the altar. Later I realized I was getting ready, getting quiet. Allowing myself to be available - listening to what God might say.

Noel – Christmas Service

Did you miss out on our Christmas Sunday Service? We've tried to recapture this service in blog form. to listen to the service in it's "entirity" CLICK HERE and listen on Spotify. Sing along, read along and reflect on "What God has Done!" Prelude: “ Come Thou Long-expected Jesus” Reading 158 “Our God Comes” “I … Continue reading Noel – Christmas Service

Sanctifying Grace – Navigating the Gap

Let's recap previous areas we've talked about on the Journey of Grace. This Journey to becoming made a disciple. The first stop along the way has been The Compelling Invitation. Someone's story, their life is so compelling we can't help ourselves. We reflected on the links from John the Baptist all the way to the … Continue reading Sanctifying Grace – Navigating the Gap