31 days of blogging

Blog post By Pastor Matt

Have you ever tried blogging once a day for a month? I did it last year around this time and this summer I planned out to do it in the month of July. 31 days works really well with brief commentary/devotional based on Proverbs.

With a busy life: full time work outside of blogging, multiple requirements of church and family that are time sensitive (sermons gotta get written prior to presenting them, dinner needs made), it was difficult to blog every day. And when I did (later in the month) I felt as though what I was saying wasn’t very deep.

I do think there are many things to take from this. One is that writing on these topics and reading Proverbs each day, got me consistently in the word and actively thinking about the Word.

Another is that it help boost exposure to this blog page. Granted, it seems like several of them are not accounts and I didn’t get many/any comments on these posts, it helped guide some here and I’m grateful for that. It encourages me to blog more.

Thank you real WordPress readers for following ViroquaNaz and please keep connected through this medium.


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