31 days of Blogging – What I learned and experienced

From August 31 to Sept 30 I made an effort to post to this blog at least once a day. I had a specific focus in mind: look over the Proverb that corresponded that particular day and write a devotional thought off of a verse or two from within it.

1. Just starting is an accomplishment. I have tried writing on a regular basis before, but this was a challenge. However it had a time line and a clear idea of what I wanted to do. That sure helped.

2. Life goes on. I experienced A-LOT of life without those 31 days. My family went camping twice. It was wonderful to take my daughter fishing for the first time. We also dealt with a sick pet (Guinea Pig) and many vet appointments to help address what was going on with him. Feeding him, giving him medicines. Ultimately, he passed away at home. This as a family, was our very first pet to have died. Just typing those words brings it all back up again. It was (and still is) hard on us, but we are glad he’s not struggling to live anymore and we are not exhausted physically and emotionally by trying to keep him alive. In the midst of this time, I wrote a sermon every week and tried to publish those here to this blog soon after it was preached. My daughter started horseback riding lessons and I have even writing a blog post in the barn while waiting for her lesson to finish (I am currently doing this as well.) This taught me that I can’t wait for life to “slow down” in order to do something I want to do or need to do. Life will go on. Just how much will I get to experience withhold I’m here? That’s up to me.

3. Writing short posts and regularly scheduling them is probably the best bet for me. I’m normally a “I want publish this thing! I just finished!” Kind of guy. But having it done the day before you want to frees up so much head space.

What would I do more of? Read other people’s work. It can inspire me and get better thoughts and even help me realize that presentation (the format) matters to the reader. If it’s difficult, bulky or confusing, people are going to tune out. I hope you stuck with me through this one.

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